Do you like our company but don't see the right opening just now?

 To be considered for future employment, regardless of which jobs are currently open, you are welcome to apply.


AKAI HANA - Posted 3/29/19

Host/Hostess, part time

Chef, Sushi Chef, full time



BELLE'S BREAD - Posted 3/29/19

Currently no openings



TENSUKE EXPRESS - Posted 3/29/19

Cashier, part time (includes weekends)

Cook, full time (includes weekends)



TENSUKE MARKET - Posted 3/29/19

Full Time Cashier, including some vegetable prep



SUSHI TEN - Posted 3/29/19

Currently no openings, could have an opening soon



J AVENUE - Posted 3/29/19

Currently no openings



Sometimes openings occur without us updating this list,

so we WELCOME you to apply for a job anyway that interests you.

Thank you.